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Genuine Connections

While digital devices have brought us conveniences and entertainment, it has also lead to a variety of physical and mental health concerns, as well as taken a toll on our relationships.

So, how do we get back to having true, genuine relationships in our lives?

Fortunately, it’s really easy. At tenalach, we found all it took was removing the distractions in our lives that kept us from achieving what our souls really craved.

As friends and colleagues, we learned to pause and make quality time with each other, without worrying about whatever deadlines were looming.

At home, we learned to live in the moment with our spouse and especially children. We found it much more enjoyable to actually play without worrying if we’re capturing the best photo to post on social media. Our children noticed our undivided attention and involvement, as well.

It was a refreshing and much needed way of living that we felt the positive effects from immediately.

Here are six small steps which helped us get back to building quality relationships:

plan a play date

1. Lend an ear.

Actually pause, focus, and listen to the words coming from those you’re conversing with. It’s amazing how strong your friendship will be when you offer an ear or shoulder.

2. Create phone-free zones.

When you get home, try keeping your phone out of sight, out of mind. Throw it on a shelf far from main gathering areas. If out with friends, throw everyone’s phone in the center of the table. The first one to pick theirs up pays for all. Be present. The ones you want are right there with you already.

3. Give longer hugs.

Have you ever had someone hug you and give a little tighter squeeze, or just hold you there for another second? Man, that feels good. That’s oxytocin going to work on you. Pay it forward to your next friend.

4. Be true to you.

Feel like you have to be someone else to get attention? Your genuine self is so much more attractive. Be the real you. You’ll be happier this way, and people always want to be around happy people. Win, win.

5. Plan a play date.

Pick up that phone that you hid and give a friend a call to hang out — in person! Start with the friend you miss the most. We recommend planning = your next outing when you get together.

6. Go for a hike.

Nature has a wonderful way of bringing us closer together. Get out there and enjoy it. Walk. Share stories — and juicy secrets. Laugh. Make it a habit. Let the scenery bring you to a better place.

Technological advances and busy work schedules aren’t going to slow down. But with a little effort, we can get back to loving life and those in it with a few conscious adjustments.

We hope you enjoyed some of the simple ways that worked for us. How do you find quality time for others? We’d love to hear your best ideas and incorporate them into our lives. Please share below.