About Us

Wherever you see our products, there’s a basecamp. Somewhere to return after venturing out, exploring and having fun. A place to relax with the pleasure of portable creature comforts.

In a basic sense, we’re all about functional basecamp containers. Designed to be durable, have legacy quality, and encourage us all to leave no trace or environmental footprint. For over 50 years, we’ve been designing products with simplistic functionality that you can count on, and made to last a very long time.

As the largest North American outdoor brand of durable water container products, you see a lot of us – everywhere. So, drink up, relax and let us have your back when nature calls again.

Our Commitment to the Environment

All our products are grounded on the basic belief that we should enjoy our world but leave no trace. Reliance manufactures with low environmental impact practices, including reclaiming trim and product that don’t meet our quality standards.

Our products are designed for years and years of reuse, and at the end of their lifecycle, recycled to be used again. In our delivery process, we use only pallets that are part of re-useable pallet systems, or our own 'return-for-deposit' pallets. All big steps to leave tiny footprints.

Dog with water container Camping site, making coffee, with Reliance Products